Bringing Hope and Changing Lives for Over 50 Years

group of people putting hands in a circle

CCA’s team members share the same vision: bringing hope and changing lives.

As a nonprofit organization, CCA deeply values the trust that has been placed in us. To safeguard this critical trust, CCA is committed to best practices in governance, accountability, and transparency. This commitment exists at all levels of the organization.

Our Team

Adebayo Akindele

Programs Database Coordinator

Thelma Cantu

Church & Volunteer Relations

Kirsten Cobb

Senior Accountant

Patsy Green


Cherie Hoover

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Daphne’ Houston

Director of Programs

Amanda Hurst

Program Supervisor

Adrienne Kohlenberg

Grant Coordinator

Gilbert Montez

President and CEO

Janet Moore


Laurie Moran

Volunteer Coordinator

Leslie Morse

Pantry Lead

Juan Munguia

Pantry Supervisor

Kat Negrete

Case Manager

Sharon Perez

Programs Supervisor

Andre Poux

Shipping & Receiving Coordinator

Azure Reetz

Donor Database Manager

Dan Scroggs

Pantry & Maintenance Supervisor

Hailey Sellers

Program Supervisor

Rebecca Shahady

Case Manager

Sandra Sims

Corporate Relations Manager

Trent Smith

Director of Operations

Jim Sullivan

Donor Engagement Officer

Peggy Swann

Programs Coordinator

Sindy Tabares

Case Manager

Helen Taylor


Liz Toribio

Donor Engagement Manager

Andrea Vasquez

Director of Development

Breanna Williams