Nourishing our Community with Dignity and Grace.

The CCA Food Pantry stands as an indispensable lifeline for members of our community facing the harsh reality of hunger. We prioritize dignity and respect by offering a self-selection Food Pantry, empowering our clients to make choices that align with their specific needs and granting them a much-deserved sense of autonomy.

In our pursuit of providing healthy and nourishing food options, we forge partnerships with organizations like the North Texas Food Bank (NTFB). Together, we strive to ensure that our pantry is abundantly stocked with a diverse range of wholesome food items, household essentials, hygiene products, and more.

Need food assistance?

If you find yourself in need of food assistance, we are here to help. Residents residing within our designated service area, as outlined on our “Get Help” page, are eligible to receive emergency food and other available necessities on the very same day they visit. 

We encourage those within our service area to visit our Family Services office for more information. During your visit, if you meet the eligibility criteria, you may have the opportunity to schedule weekly appointments to shop in our Food Pantry, ensuring continued support.

women getting produce at a grocery store
A woman adding product in shopping cart

Support the Food Pantry

Make a monetary donation.

Every $1 you donate = 3 meals for those in need.

Organize a collection drive

Gather your company, community organization, church, family, and friends to coordinate and collect items for CCA. 

Volunteer at the Food Pantry.

Find out firsthand how sorting and stocking the food shelves to those in need can be a rewarding experience. 


“CCA helped me feed my kids when no one else did. They gave us hope.”