Bringing Hope and Changing Lives for Over 50 Years

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You have even more options available to create your legacy for our neighbors through CCA. Your generosity will safeguard our neighbors today and tomorrow for future generations to appreciate as much as you do.

Donating publicly traded stocks and securities provides a tax-advantageous way to support CCA. When you make a gift of stocks, you receive a tax receipt for the fully appreciated value of your gift and will not have to pay tax on realized capital gain. The receipt value will reflect the closing price on the transfer date. The standard capital gain inclusion rate of 50 percent on selling shares is eliminated when you transfer your shares to CCA rather than selling the stocks and donating the proceeds. You may transfer publicly traded stocks and securities electronically from your brokerage account to CCA’s brokerage account. Just provide a Letter of Instruction to your broker and ask that they transfer your shares to CCA.

For our broker account information and questions call 972-221-1224.

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A memorial or tribute gift to our neighbors through CCA is a meaningful way to express your love, admiration, and gratitude for someone special. Your gift will honor your loved one, create a lasting tribute to them, and connect both of you through your shared passion to help others.

When you make a gift in your Will for CCA, you can do it in memory of or in honor of someone who’s important to you. It will stand as your legacy and your loved one’s legacy for generations to come.

Donor-advised funds (DAFs) are one of the most convenient ways to support a cause you care about while maintaining the flexibility you desire. A DAF is a little like a personal charitable savings account. It allows you to make a charitable contribution (into your DAF account), receive an immediate tax deduction and then make gifts (recommend grants) over time to your favorite charities – like CCA. You can leave a legacy for our neighbors by naming CCA as the beneficiary of the account balance in your will. Or to make an impact today, you can initiate a grant recommendation from your DAF now by clicking the “Give now from a Donor-Advised Fund” link below. Simply start typing in the name of your fund custodian and the system will prompt you through the process.