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Thank you for making Christmas special for local families.

As we celebrate the joy of the holiday season, it’s crucial to remember our neighbors facing challenges in our community. This Christmas, let’s keep families battling poverty in our thoughts and prayers, seeking God’s guidance and support for them.

In Denton County, one in three families wrestle with financial hardships, struggling to afford basic necessities like food, rent, utilities, and childcare.

We invite you to stand alongside Christian Community Action (CCA) in making a meaningful difference.

Your support empowers us to assist these families, ensuring they can maintain their homes, cover essential expenses, and provide a memorable Christmas for their children, reflecting God’s love and generosity.

Join Us in Battling Hunger & Homelessness This Holiday Season

Christmas volunteer helping single mom and child gather donated toys and gifts.

Jesus’ teachings remind us to extend care and support to our neighbors. Harold, a single dad of two, came to CCA seeking assistance. He struggled to make ends meet with the high costs of childcare and groceries. CCA was able to assist him and his beautiful children financially, keeping them in their home, and they visit our Food Pantry every week to shop for groceries. His children will be receiving Christmas gifts from their wish lists next week at our Christmas Cheer event. Like Harold’s family, thousands of other families face eviction every day.

Harold expressed his gratitude to our team and said, “I’m so glad to have found you. My children will have a Christmas, food to eat, and a place to call home. Thank you.”

Your generosity makes all the difference in the lives of families like Harold’s. Your donation offers them hope, empowering them to improve their lives.

Spread Holiday Joy

In this special season of giving, we humbly ask for your financial support. The rising expenses for food, toys, and the essential operations of our agency have stretched our resources thin. Moreover, any contributions made to CCA before December 31st are eligible for year-end tax deductions.

We hold gratitude for your consideration in sharing the blessings that God has bestowed upon you to support our neighbors in need. Your generosity brings hope, comfort, and renewal to families facing hardships.

Your support serves as a beacon of rescue, offering relief and restoration to those seeking help.

Share Your Experience

Group of CCA Christmas volunteers

We’ve been truly blessed to impact the lives of many families in need. Our volunteers are the heart of our agency, generously dedicating their time to serve others. Our loyal donors aren’t just supporters; they’re family to us.

Your stories and feedback are incredibly valuable and help spread hope and support.

Please take a moment to share your positive experience with CCA. Your voice uplifts our mission and inspires others to join in bringing light to those in need.

Feel free to share your kind words and recommendations on our Facebook page as well.

Share Our Mission

We kindly ask for your help in sharing our mission with others. For 50 years, it’s been through the kindness of individuals like you that CCA has been able to alleviate suffering, ignite hope, and transform lives, all in the name of Jesus Christ.

Christian Community Action wishes you a very merry Christmas!

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