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Support Our Food Pantry to Help Feed Over 800 Families Weekly

Have you been to the grocery store lately and been shocked by the price of a loaf of bread or a dozen eggs? We know we have. Imagine deciding between groceries for your children or putting gas in your car to get to work. Many families in Denton County make these choices daily.

Skyrocketing food prices affect us all, especially families who are already struggling to afford healthy food. Nearly 4 million Texans are food insecure, not knowing where their next meal is coming from, making Texas one of the nation’s most food-insecure states.

According to a recent study by Feeding America, the national organization addressing hunger, more than 114,000 of our neighbors face food insecurity every day, including over 34,000 children.

Never in our 51-year history has there been such a demand for food, and we’re working hard to meet the need, welcoming over 800 families to our pantry each week. We need your help. Your contribution today can help us meet the ever-increasing demand for food.

Families are hurting, and children are hungry. Please consider donating today to feed families in our community. Together, we can help alleviate the growing crisis for our neighbors.

Food pantry giving levels. one dollar pays for 3 meals. one hundred twenty dollars feels a family of four for one month. three hundred twenty four dollars feeds a child for the whole summer, June through August.
education and empowerment celebration at CCA

Education & Empowerment 2024 Class Celebration

When our clients are welcomed into our Food Pantry, they’re also introduced to the numerous opportunities, services, and programs designed to help them lead happy, healthy, and fruitful lives.

Our Education and Empowerment services have a great impact on our clients, teaching them valuable skills such as communication, job readiness, parenting, financial literacy, and English as a Second Language (ESL).

We had a fantastic time celebrating with our students and sincerely congratulate each and every one who has earned their certificate of completion!

We will continue to pray for them and their success as they launch new businesses, start new jobs, use their new skills, and better their lives.

Give today to uplift our Education and Empowerment services and assist our neighbors in need to regain confidence and self-sufficiency.

Food pantry: Kids Eat Free summer feeding program at CCA. Kids eating lunch.

Make A Difference: Feed Hungry Children this Summer

Summer break is in session, but many children who were depending on free or reduced-price school lunches are going hungry.

1 of every 5 children in North Texas is food insecure, meaning their households lack the financial resources to provide sufficient meals.

Kids Eat Free, our summer feeding program, helps combat this very issue by hand-delivering meals to families needing CCA’s help, ensuring no child goes to bed with an empty stomach.

Your gift of $36 can provide a week’s worth of nutritious meals for these children, enabling them to thrive physically and mentally. By investing in their lives, we are building a stronger, more resilient future.

Thank you for your kindness and generosity and for remaining a beacon of hope for so many in our community! Consider giving today to make a true difference.